Students about the Master School


Alex MartinelliThe most important reason why I appreciate the EIT Digital Master School is that it allows you to choose the path you want to follow, and it provides you the I&E minor and the business-related mindset to complement it.

To me, the Master’s degree was the natural progress of my studies in the field. You get a general overview of computer science at the BSc level, but then, if you wish to get a deeper understanding of the field, the Master School is the natural step forward.

In my opinion, there are 3 key advantages to the EIT Digital Master School. The first is the internationality; the second is the business innovation in relation to computer sciences; and the third, and probably the most important is the practical nature of the programme. Usual graduates are in a hopeless situation where they have to figure out themselves how the world works outside of the school, apart from the well-known academic point of view. For us, it is different: we encountered real-case scenarios, we interacted with people who had already acquired work experience, and generally, this programme gave an understanding of what we’re supposed to do with our knowledge. And I cannot think of anything better that you could ask from a study programme, especially from a Master’s degree.
Alex Martinelli, Italian, studied SDE in Trento and Budapest


As a Bachelor student, I never considered studying abroad. So when I first heard about the EIT ICT Labs Master School, within which you can study at two out of 19 European top universities, I didn’t pay too much attention to it. Then I discussed with my collegue and he told me that I would be crazy if I didn’t apply for the programme. I joined the Master School and the world has opened up to me.
Dorottya Maksay, Hungarian, studies SDE at Alto and ELTE -   Dorottya Maksay won the EIT CH.A.N.G.E. Awards 2013 with her Homebuddy idea


When I was living in Mexico I worked mainly as an employee at multinational companies. During that time, I always had the feeling that I could do my own company. Anyways, I was certainly lacking knowledge both technical and entrepreneurial. At the EIT ICT Labs Master School I found a great mix of computer science, engineering and entrepreneurship education at top European universities. Nowadays I feel confident enough to startup my own company within the EIT ICT Labs community; a network of universities, research institutes, business partners and investors.
Frederick Gomez, Mexican, studies SDE at Eindhoven and ELTE


Kapos ÁdámI always knew that I wanted to be involved in software development. Though every young boy plays with the idea of developing games, I never viewed that as a possibility, as there aren’t many places to learn it. But I found a course in Hungary, at Eötvös Loránd University, which focused on game development for Windows Phone. Joining the EIT ICT Labs Master School has boosted my career; it is surprising for me that I have achieved such a great success already as a student.
Between October 2013-May 2014, SongArc developed by Ádám Kapos has been downloaded more than 950,000 times, thus has become the most popular music game app in the Windows Phone Store.
Ádám Kapos, Hungarian, studies SDE at Helsinki and ELTE


The most important things that I learned in the Master School are how to be an entrepreneur, how to negotiate with business investors, how to keep on trying and then work on ideas. I would highly recommend this programme because you get to know a lot of people with different cultural backgrounds, and you learn how to work with people from all over the world. This is crucial when you work on software development with international teams, as this is an increasingly international field.

Within the programme, I would emphasize the importance of studying abroad. Spending my entry year in Finland, I acquired a new perspective on education, and I learned a lot about cooperation, teamwork, and the entrepreneurial mindset. I learned how crucial it is to never give up, to try over and over again, and that even if you fail, you should stand up and go further. You can’t always be successful, but you can only be successful if you try again and again. One of the key things I learned is the real startup way of thinking!
Ádám Kapos, Hungarian, studies SDE at Helsinki and ELTE


NemethAntalI didn’t have strong background knowledge in the field of IT prior to enrolling to the EIT Digital Master School as I studied Applied Mathematics at the BSc level. After studying SaP for two years, now I know how to attack and then protect security systems. I participated in international hacker competitions, one of which was organized for students, and I am very proud of being a member of the winner team. In my opinion, the key for a security specialist is to be able to find the weaknesses of a system in order to work on its improvement.

As for the Master School’s advantages, we learned how to prepare a business plan for an idea and how to present it to the investors in order to sell it.
Antal Márton Németh, Hungarian, studied S&P in Trento and Budapest



Nicola Parrello During these two years I learnt a lot about business and entrepreneurship. Due to this practical knowledge, I know how to make a business plan, how to develop all the small parts that make the business up and running, how to present a business idea to potential investors, and how to set up my own startup.

Besides the innovative and entrepreneurial mindset, the EIT Digital Master School provided me with outstanding networking opportunities through official events like the Kickoff, summer schools, and several conferences. Mobility became my second nature, and I’m currently looking for a job in yet another European country.

I realize – when I talk to those friends who only attended a traditional Masters’ programme – that I have learned how to discuss innovation ideas and how to decide whether an idea is feasible or not. Now I am able to recognize the added value, if there is any. The difference is due to the EIT Digital Master School, as opposed to the general Masters’ education; I am grateful for having had the opportunity to gather all the knowledge that is necessary for being a successful entrepreneur, while other students would need to learn all this by themselves.

As for the best moments of my studies, I’d definitely choose the Master School Kick-off event. I actually refer to that as the best moment of my life, which may be a bit overstated, but I can say it was an AMAZING experience.

Now as I finished my studies, I’m particularly glad to find that the leading companies are starting to get familiar with this educational programme, which provides new prospects and an additional, convincing value to the EIT Digital’s certificate in my CV.
Nicola Parrello, Italian, studied SDE in Trento and Budapest


LomoschitzThis programme provided me with many outstanding opportunities, especially concerning mobility and international networking. I feel lucky that I had the opportunity to study at 2 leading universities in 2 different countries, and that I get 2 diplomas in the end. I’m happy that I know a lot of people in several European countries, and whenever I go to a Node city, I’m sure that I can meet some friends.

I studied Mathematics at the BSc level before joining the programme, so the change was challenging for me in the beginning. I needed to study by myself a lot in order to catch up with the others, so that I could keep up with the Master’s curricula, but it was definitely worth the effort.
Lilla Anna Lomoschitz, Hungarian, studied S&P in Berlin and Budapest


Students about the internship


I spent my 6 months’ internship at one of the leading Hungarian IT companies called BalaBit Europe, where I worked full time and wrote my thesis. It was a great opportunity for me to get a better understanding of how a mid-size company works in an international environment, and how could a security system be improved by investigating its weaknesses.
Antal Márton Németh, Hungarian, studied S&P in Trento and Budapest


Students about Budapest


Budapest is a great city full of life! It provides the opportunity to travel around Central and Eastern Europe in a cost-effective way.
Frederick Gomez, Mexican, studied SDE at Eindhoven and ELTE


Students about the best moments


The Master School Kick-off was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had, not only in the EIT Digital, but overall in my life. The Kick-off is about interaction; building connections and relationships, and networking with students, university contacts and the EIT Digital’s colleagues as well. In addition, the participants got mutual feedback during the event, which is very important in order to be more successful.
Alex Martinelli, Italian, studied SDE in Trento and Budapest

Last modified: August 23, 2016