Bringing ICT Innovations to Life


The EIT Digital set of education, research and business tools – catalysts – fosters and drives ICT innovation activities. Researchers and engineers participate in mobility programmes and get access to networks, meetings and state of- the-art test beds and living labs. Entrepreneurs get coaching on how to bring ideas to market, access to finance and support in business and consumer development. Established companies benefit from the exchange of information and knowledge with research partners as well as access to top ICT talents. Collaborative research is built on a culture based on co-creativity and an entrepreneurial research spirit. EIT Digital aims at building scientific knowledge and high visibility in both emerging and established ICT challenges.  For further information, please visit the EIT Digital’s homepage.


EIT Digital Budapest Associate Partner Group carries out research at the two universities involved, Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) and Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME).


Catalyst projects of Budapest Associate Partner Group in 2013-2014
  • Benczúr András (ELTE) – Computing in the Cloud -  Use and extend Stratosphere and PACT for temporal web classification at the peta-scale
  • Buttyán Levente (BME) – Smart Energy Systems - Detecting targeted attacks against Smart Energy Systems
  • Do Van Tien (BME) – Intelligent Mobility and Transportation Systems - Integration of data from various source
  • Fehér Gábor, Farkas Károly (BME) – Digital Cities of the Future - Transport crowd sourcing
  • Lőrincz András (ELTE)- Cyber-Physical Systems - Data Mining Application
  • Lőrincz András (ELTE) – Smart Spaces - A framework for serious games for children with cerebral palsy
  • Simon Csaba (BME) – Networking Solutions for Future Media - Network coding for improved handover of mediastreams
  • Telek Miklós (BME) – Networking Solutions for Future Media – Traffic management for ISPs
  • Vattay Gábor (ELTE)- Internet Technologies and Architecture - Resource browsing, cross testbed measurement and data repository
  • Vida Rolland (BME) – Internet Technologies and Architecture - FITTING – Extended federation


New supported projects from 2015:
  • Benczúr András (ELTE) - Future Cloud – EITs cloud based datas.
  • Buttyán Levente (BME) - Smart Energy Systems – Security monitoring for critical infrastructure.
  • Lőrincz András (ELTE) - Cyber-Physical Systems – For Smart Factories
  • Lőrincz András (ELTE) – Health & Wellbeing – Better nights, fresh days
  • Sziklai Péter (ELTE) – Privacy, Security & Trust – FIDES
  • Vattay Gábor (ELTE) - (CLD HII) – Trusted Data Management with Service Ecosystem
  • Vattay Gábor (ELTE) – (SSP HII) – Street Smart Retail


Carrier projects of Budapest Associate Partner Group in 2013-2014

ICT and Innovation – The EITKIC_12-1-2012-0001 research program

  • Solutions for complex infocommunication networks
  • Mobility and the digital cities of the future
  • Human-computer collaboration
  • The security of critical systems

Last modified: July 18, 2016