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The EIT Digital Master School now offers a two-year programme in which students can choose two universities in two different European countries to build a curriculum of their choice.


Why choose Budapest for specialization?

Study in Budapest in one year of a two-years programme and spend the other year at one of the 6 different leading universities in 5 European countries.

  • If you spend the first year in Budapest, you can continue your studies in Trento (Italy), Helsinki (Finland), Eindhoven (Netherlands) or Madrid (Spain) in the second year!
  • If you choose Budapest in the second year, you can start the first year of your studies in Trento (Italy), Helsinki (Finland) or Twente (Netherlands)!
  • You can apply to 2 leading universities in Budapest: ELTE and BME
  • 4 MSc programmes are available in Budapest in the most innovative research fields in ICT
  • No tuition fee for EU/EEA and Swiss Citizens; for non EU/EEA students the tuition fee is 8000 EUR /year.
  • Scholarship possibilities and an additional one-time travel and installation support up to 3000 EUR
  • 3 months internship guaranteed by our industrial partners, i.e. Ericsson Hungary, Nokia Solutions and Networks, Hungarian Telekom, Cisco and ELTE-Soft.
  • Experience the lively atmosphere of the InfoPark, where the university is co-located with the industrial partners.
  • Enjoy the unique urban culture and the vivid nightlife of Budapest with its world famous ruin pubs and exclusive spas!

Develop your business and entrepreneurial skills and start your business!


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Last modified: November 3, 2016