Playful learning on the cloud


Games for the cognitive development of children with cerebral palsy


Within the confines of the EIT Digital cooperation, games were created for children with various special educational needs. Intelligent tools were integrated into the games that are capable of fostering the early development and that operate in the Cloud.


The researchers of ELTE developed games that, due to the implementation of smart devices, continuously monitor the children’s facial expressions. The games facilitate the children’s cognitive development by monitoring their emotional state. By evaluating the emotional states that were observed during the game, the experts gather data that enables the formulation of an individually personalised game strategy, and thus the development of each children. The games that were created by the researchers of ELTE are free, and they are being utilised by Hungarian, German and Spanish psychologists and special education teachers in the development of children with special educational needs.



Last modified: June 20, 2016