A federation of European FI testbeds for analysing novel protocols and networks


During the last couple of years, the info-communication sector has gone through major changes in response to the challenges posed by the smart devices and the new generation of applications. Testing is an inevitable and crucial part of the development of new applications and network protocols, but this task is getting more and more complicated in the increasingly heterogeneous networks of our era, while the configuration of realistic testing-networks is expensive. In order to eliminate this problem, testing-networks have been created at many locations all around the world, and they cover a wide range of different technologies from cabled environments to 5G mobile networks. The FITTING project of the EIT Digital aimed at creating a new, interconnected European testing system, where the partners participating in the programme made their testing-networks available to each other and to the world, thus serving a much wider user base.


The researchers of ELTE created a standardized measuring and monitoring environment to the described interconnected FITTING testing-network. This is capable of tracking the effects and the behaviour of the tested new applications and protocols, thus providing valuable information, „network telemetry” data to the developers and the researchers.


As of now, the testbed created by EIT Digital operates under the name “ONELAB”. It provides services for free to the former partners, while in case of external inquiries, it is available on a partly commercial basis. The operation of the new interconnected testing-system is controlled by the OneLab consortium.



Last modified: June 20, 2016