Security evaluation and requirement specification of various storage devices


For the institutions and organizations of the European Union that handle sensitive personal data it is of utmost importance in our era of digitalization of societies to treat personal, private data with sufficient security. The FIDES consortium of EIT Digital intends to implement a new system of regulations for the European Union that is capable of handling sensitive data storage in a cryptographically secure way, in accordance with the actual rights of access.


Within the consortium, the research team of ELTE examined the secure use of physical data storage medium (such as pendrives, SD cards, portable winchesters, etc.) in order to determine what kind of vulnerabilities and attacks are they imposed to when used for the storage of secure, sensitive data. The goal of the consortium is to ensure the anonymous identification of the citizens of the European Union. The system that is being developed through the activity will not provide access on a personal basis, but instead, it will examine the rights that are associated with a specific person, and it will allow access to sensitive data based on this information.



Last modified: June 17, 2016