CPS for Smart Factories


Contextualized steel production controller model, industrial robot controller API, anomaly detection and DSL


We would not believe how much robotics is starting to interweave our everyday lives in the beginning of the 21st century. There are numerous areas where the use of robots has already become absolutely natural, such as the assembly lines of car factories. In order to manage the working process in such production lines, there are numerous factors that need to be considered, and there are countless cases of having to run optimising processes or deal with extraordinary situations underway. The international team has been working on developing such solutions and algorithms that efficiently allow for the optimization of the working processes of the assembly lines.


The researchers of ELTE have contributed to the development of an algorithm that supports the recognition of extraordinary scenarios. The international team’s results that support the optimization are already being used in the steel industry and they are to be introduced in certain production lines of car factories.



Last modified: June 17, 2016