City Crowd Source


Transport crowd sourcing 


The aim of the City Crowd Source project (2013) was to create, develop, and analyse new services that are based on including the community and that provide efficient means for collecting and utilising data, and extending database for the benefit of digital cities.


Within the confines of the project, the BME developed such public transportation supporting services that make the “devices” (such as vehicles) and the events that are connected to them (e.g. traffic jams, delays, accidents) identifiable through the involvement of the community. The analysed, clarified and “originated” information becomes available to the population through mobile applications. The consortium of the project developed, implemented and analysed 3 main services on different platforms suitable for “community” data collection: (1) a service for analysing the reliability of data and data sources; (2) a workflow motor that models and operates the “community” data collection; (3) a service that ensures the preservation of the privacy of the collected data.



Last modified: June 17, 2016