Better Nights and Fresh Days


Development of spatial-temporal algorithms to derive relevant signals from the baby


We are all familiar with the hardships and the uncertainties of new-born babies’ parents during the nights of the initial months of nursing their child. Each and every mother of a new-born baby feels like she would highly appreciate the presence and the help of their paediatrician in tending to the baby during the nights in the first year or so, to get feedback on the well-being and the security of the child.


The European consortium of EIT Digital, with the lead of Philips, is working on the development of a new smart bed for babies that is capable of measuring the heart rate of the baby, determining the ideal sleeping position, and even detecting the different sleeping phases, thus providing invaluable support to the parents. By determining the sleeping phase of the baby, the smart bed helps the mother in identifying the best time for breastfeeding during the night. The collected information can also be used for establishing the ideal sleeping pose in order to avoid the prone pose and eliminate the risk of sudden infant death.



Last modified: June 17, 2016