Budapest Doctoral Training Centre provides in cooperation between Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) and Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) a unique opportunity for young researchers who wish to pursue PhD studies, especially in communication software and system performance in an innovative environment in close cooperation with industries. Budapest DTC offers a doctoral education which provides full integration of both technical and business aspects of ICT.


Excellence in communication software and system performance

The theme of the Budapest Doctoral Training Centre is tightly linked to the action lines Networking Solutions for Future Media and Internet Technologies and Architectures.


Aim of the DTC is to develop powerful and open new ICT infrastructure, capable of delivering rich data-intensive storage services, at competitive costs, across administrative domains, ensuring quality of service, to end users in various contexts of use. The Budapest DTC’s theme focuses on the development of new communication and networking architectures.


The companies and the universities involved in the co-located academy-industry cooperation are situated in Infopark, which is the first innovation and technology park of Central and Eastern Europe. It is an innovation centre primarily for IT, telecommunication and software development companies.


Broad network of partners

The Budapest DTC established a active cooperation with partner institutions, consisting of leading ICT companies and research institutes:

  • Ericsson Hungary
  • Cisco Systems Hungary
  • Nokia Solutions and Networks
  • Magyar Telekom
  • ELTE-Soft


Contact information:

Budapest DTC Manager is: Dr. Zoltán Istenes at

Administrative Coordinator: Mr. Bálint Fügi at or at +36-1-381-2299


Last modified: July 18, 2016