It’s all about Business


EIT ICT Labs supports innovative companies to scale up business up to European level and beyond. It provides end-to-end support from turning research results into successful innovations, stimulating the birth and growth of new and young ventures, support existing SMEs for European growth, enrich large companies with new technologies and innovation coming from research or innovative SMEs.


Business Development Accelerator is the tool that action lines and partners use to build the european dimension of their national actions on innovation. The EIT ICT Labs offers a unique Pan-European ecosystem with business developers operating at the Co-Location Centres in Berlin, Eindhoven, Helsinki, Paris, Stockholm, Trento.



The target of EIT ICT Labs is to transform research results into business.

The Budapest Associate Partner Group follows the overall aim expressed at establishing EIT ICT Labs that is to apply a business approach during the course of research and development activities and provide an education with entrepreneur attitude at the student level to help drive European ICT innovation leadrship and to increase its competetiveness.


As part of the EITKIC_12-1-2012-0001 carrier research program supported by the Research and Technological Innovation Fund, Hungary, a project in 2013 beside technology based ICT research and development activities also explored what kind of solutions help to start businesses built on them.


  • Cutting edge student ideas
    • SongArc: a big app hit
  • Startup support
    • BrassTacks: startup training series for the best of Central-Eastern Europe
    • SOPRESO: A new device to revolutionalize presentation techniques

Last modified: July 18, 2016