The future is digital – inspiring the next generation on Girls in ICT Day


On April 27, the International Girls in ICT Day, high school girls were invited to the offices of EIT Digital in Budapest to participate in the International Girls in ICT Day programme. The initiative aims at empowering and encouraging the next generation girls and young women to pursue their studies and build their careers in the field of ICT.

All over the world events are organised this day to raise awareness of women’s possibilities in the ICT field in terms of education, research, and industry as well, and introduces the advantages of the field through successful women players who are invited to the programmes as role models and share their learning journey and experiences.

EIT Digital Budapest hosted an event where a three hour innovation game called “Be a startupper for a day!”. More than 30 girls were engaged in a playful experience which showed them how to establish their first start-up, starting from a simple problem, finding a solution and develop the idea to a feasible start-up concept. The winner received a special award and in addition to this, everyone got a surprise gift and a pizza lunch.

The events were highly appreciated and some more girls were truly inspired and excited to learn more.

Last modified: April 28, 2017