Master School Final Exams


10 MSc students have finished their EIT Digital studies upon successfully completing their final exams.


The third cohort of the Budapest APG consisted of 6 S&P and 4 SDE students. They were all working hard throughout the last year, as they had to complete their courses, internship, thesis paper and eventually, the final exam (which includes a display of their knowledge on a certain topic as well as the defence of their theses). Each of our students did a great job in all of these complex tasks, rightfully earning their diplomas (their double-degrees and I&E certificates). Congratulations to all of them!


“Excellence” is not only a keyword of the Master School itself, but our students truly deserved this qualification as well. 3 of our students, Péter Major, Dorka Palotay, and Jan van Dalfsen are receiving a Diploma with Honours, which is given to the most outstanding students who complete their studies practically flawlessly. But in fact, the other students came close to this category as well, so we are really proud of all of them!


After the successful final examinations, the Budapest APG celebrated the students in the form of a grill party organized at the CLC. Both the students and the Budapest Team had a great time at this festive event. Although it is always hard to come to an end, it also means the dawn of a new era – which is especially true in this case, when these students are opening a whole new chapter in their lives as they shift swiftly from the university life to the real world of adult life. We wish them luck in becoming leading ICT experts in their careers as well!

Last modified: July 19, 2016