Researchers’ Night in collaboration with the consortium partners of Budapest APG


Nearly 400 guests, both students and families participated in the unique QR-code based competition for the Researchers’ Night organised by the Budapest APG in cooperation with Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) and Ericsson Hungary. The aim of the joined activity was to raise awareness of EIT Digital and to emphasize the importance of building (social and other) networks, as this is the future of the societies in the 21st century.


Researchers’ Nights have been organised for 10 years in Hungary, in line with the international Researchers’ Night programme series of the EU. These events provide quality amusement and knowledge sharing at the same time, with free programmes that give an interesting insight into the curiosities and actualities of science, and into the life of educational institutions and research institutes.


On the 25th of September the Budapest CLC was fully packed as researchers, both master and doctoral students and start-upper guests introduced the ICT sector’s most exciting innovational achievements in 9 different demonstrations. Altogether 33 of the newest ICT developments of ELTE, BME and Ericsson and EIT Digital Budapest were introduced through exciting programmes, games and playful demonstrations.


The stages at the Budapest CLC include:


  • presentation on the 80-hours working week of a start-upper
  • introduction of the smart glasses of the 21st century
  • ACC Telepresence, which introduced new levels of connectedness: combining robots, smart phones, smart glasses and digital speaking boards
  • playing with kinetically controlled robots, eye-controlled trains, the SongArc music application, and Handorino, a logical game for children with special needs
  • introduction to the basics of cryptography through exciting games
  • trying new applications that facilitate detecting bacteria or the presence of lactose in products


For more photos visit EIT Digital on Flickr.

Last modified: December 16, 2015