BrassTacks, or get to the point in Budapest.

The EIT ICT Labs Budapest and the Hungarian Mobility and Multimedia Cluster are launching a training program for Central-Eastern European startups.

The EIT ICT Labs Budapest and the MMKlaszter call for applications for the regional startup competition called „BrassTacks” with the contribution of the AVEC and the iCatapult startup accelerator programs and the IseeQexecutive search firm as professional partners; the academic partners of the program are the Faculty of Informatics of Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME). The applicants can participate in a three-day training course in Budapest, led by the Y Combinator alumnus Rob Fitzpatrick, as well as by prominent Hungarian entrepreneurs and experts.

The workshop, with its intensive, practice oriented and interactive modules, focuses on the knowledge and skills which are the most useful for early-stage startuppers, including business model building, the customer-centric thinking inspired by the ‘lean’, as well as the ‘growth hacking’ technics integrating product development and marketing. The name of the program – which refers to the English phrase ‘to get down to brass tacks’ – is intended to emphasize the fact that the participants of the program acquire the most immediately useful and the most basic knowledge needed to start and develop an enterprise. The EIT ICT Labs Budapest and the MMKlaszter saw the need for a training program which recruits applicants from the Central-Eastern European region, from those who are in the early stage of starting an enterprise. The organizers also count on applications from university students and researchers with spin-off projects. The program is organized by the MMKlaszter; the costs of organization and participation are covered by the EIT ICT Labs Budapest.

The organizers expect applications from startups with rapid growth prospects which are not yet over the involvement of the first greater investment ( The application deadline is 8 p.m. CET, October 31th, 2013. Please send your application to

The just starting Hungarian initiative fits into the line of innovation programs and contests related to EIT ICT Labs, including the Finnish AppCampus and Startup Sauna, the Italian TechPeaks, and the German Deutsche Telekom Innovation Contest.

The program is carried out within the framework of the international networking program of EIT ICT Labs, the information and communication technologies knowledge community of the European Union. The goal of the program is to scout informatics talents, and to connect researchers, scholars and the business sector together in those EU member states that do not directly participate in the activity of the EIT ICT Labs knowledge centres. The activities of the regional information program include supporting students with scholarships, cooperating with informatics innovation centres and universities, as well as promoting startups. The program is led by the EIT ICT Labs Budapest Associate Partner; the Italian, German, Swedish, and Finnish nodes participate in the realization.

The name of the centre operating in the Infopark in Lágymányos is EIT ICT Labs Budapest Associate Partner Group, because it is the associate partner of the information and communication technologies knowledge and innovation community (ICT Labs KIC) created by EIT, the Institute of Innovation and Technology of the European Union. The leader of the Hungarian consortium that has created the organization in Budapest is the ELTE Faculty of Informatics; its members are the BME Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Cisco, and the Hungarian subsidiary companies of GE; its key industrial partners are Ericson Hungary, the Hungarian Telekom, and the Nokia Solutions and Networks. Besides the EU funds, the organization has won a one billion HUF support from the National Development Agency, in order to carry out research and development programs. The only Central-Eastern European member of EIT ICT Labs is the organization’s centre in Budapest, which, besides R&D programs, organizes international Master and Doctoral training programs, free of charge for citizens of the European Union.The Hungarian Mobility and Multimedia Cluster (MMKlaszter) was created in 2007 in order to coordinate the actors and the research and development capacities of the mobile and new media technologies in Hungary. The MMKlaszter is one of the biggest and most efficient professional cooperations in Hungary, which has nearly 70 members, including telecommunications and informatics companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as academic partners. The priority of the MMKlaszter is to support the market entry of the developments of the cluster’s members through joint projects catalyzation, innovation management and fundraising. At present, several dozens of innovation projects are being carried out within MMKlaszter, with a total value of more than 8 billion HUF.

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Last modified: June 30, 2014