Trento Summer School winners’ trip to Budapest.

After two great weeks in Trento, the winners of the summer school are the guests of the EIT ICT Labs Budapest CLC between 5-8 September.

They visit the local AUDI production site, which is the world’s largest engine factory, where they can learn about the latest IT technologies of car manufacturing. The team will have the chance to discuss their project plan with the lecturers of two local universities – namely, ELTE and BME –, see the headquarters of the Prezi, one of the successful Hungarian start-ups  and meet the innovation professionals of Ericsson Research and Development Centre which is partner of the EIT ICT Labs Budapest.

After the busy day visiting the companies, they can relax in Szimpla which is a typical Hungarian pub and will then go on the so called Cinetrip, which involves late-night partying at one of the world famous thermal spas of the city.

Hope the trip will be such great fun that the team will be happy to return to Budapest for the EIT ICT Labs Budapest Summer School coming up in 2014!

Last modified: June 30, 2014